Hippolotofus Reunion 2016

Kansas City & Wichita

Sept 29 - Oct 2

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Hotel Info

Holiday Inn, Country Club Plaza Location
One E. 45th Street, Kansas City, Missouri    64111   (45th & Main)
phone: 816-753-7400
Drury Plaza Hotel Broadview
400 W Douglas Ave    (cross Streets:  W Douglas Ave & N Waco Street)
Wichita, Kansas 67209
phone: 316-262-5000
The link above for the Holiday Inn is just for our group's block of rooms. It already has the group's Code.  If you have trouble, you may call Central Reservations at: 1-866-280-6326 mentioning our group Code HSR (or I assume Hippo Society Reunion 2016) I have found though that calling a central number is not the best route.  So I'd like to suggest that IF you have trouble, either first let me know, sheila1951@kc.rr.com  or email the hotel contact: Kelly Lorigan.  Kelly.Lorigan@kcplazahotel.com   Or direct phone to her is: 816-216-8018  Sometimes our initial block of certain room types expires or runs low, and they will need to ADD to our block, with king rooms or double queen rooms.   It happens:-)    Our room rate is $129.00 per night. This includes a free Full breakfast.  This group rate is also good for 3 nights before the given dates, and 3 days post. They will hopefully have the room type you want, but don't truly choose it until you check in:-)   IF you have health issues or have trouble walking far, Tell them at the time of your reservation that you do not want certain rooms on the 2nd floor as they are much further away from the elevator. Try for a Tower room by the way.  I do not know if the website to book has a place to show a health issue and so forth, so if this is the situation, you might want to just email or call Kelly Lorigan to book your room.  I'm sure they have accessible rooms too. You will have until Aug. 29th to book your room and get the Group rate.   (parking in their garage is Free. There is a garage for regular car sizes and a garage for SUV's/trucks--but only about 30 spaces for the bigger vehicles.  Also a lot outside, next to the hotel, or on the street.
If you will be coming to the Kansas City part of the reunion before going to Wichita, you Must arrive on Wednesday, September 28th, any time of day or evening, nothing planned for that day. On your own:-)  You will need to book a room 2 nights, 9/28 and 9/29 (Thursday)  Out Friday, Sept 30th  (this hotel is approx. a 35 minute drive from our airport)
You will want to book the Wichita, Kansas hotel for 2 nights, Sept 30th, Friday and Saturday, Oct 1st.  Out Oct 2nd.

Again, IF you have any trouble booking your room on the above website/link, email or call Kristen Truman, dph.wic.155.sc@druryhotels.com  ph 855-234-9811  OR call 1-800-325-0720 and mention our group Number  2262961 Or 2016 Hippolotofus Reunion
Book your rooms by August 27th to get a group rate

And again, IF you are not able to book the room type you want on this website (King or Double Queens), then we just need to Add to the block of that type of room, so let me know Or Kristen Truman at hotel:-) King Deluxe room rate is $129.95 and the double Queens is $139.95  (our room rates are also good 2 days prior and 2 days post the given event dates)   Parking in the garage is $8.00 per night.  You MUST check in to the hotel before parking in the garage!!
You get a lot for your room rate at this hotel!! Free Breakfast buffet--6am to 9:30 am weekdays, 7am to 10am weekends.
Free popcorn and sodas in the lobby from 3pm until 10pm every night
Free nightly Kickback meal, beginning 5:30, until 7pm.  Light meal, but I read very good reviews as a nice way to get your free meal:-) Plus it includes 3 free liquor drinks--beer, wine and hard liquor. This area is located on the Mezzanine Overlooking the lobby. Free local calls.   Free 60 minutes of long-distance calls within the US every day!!  Free Wi-Fi   Free airport shuttle (24 hours) If you are flying in, once you Land, call the hotel and request shuttle pick-up.  Once you arrive at the hotel and check in, give them your flight info/time you need to leave in the shuttle and you will be added to a list--Please do it WHEN you check in or soon after so you can get this reserved!!!!!!!!!!!! The airport is not far from this hotel:-)  Microwaves, small refrigerators, Room service.  There is a Q line trolley adjacent to our hotel (free) that can take you all around downtown. Please google it to learn more:-)
This hotel is a neat historical hotel, updated very nicely and is right on the Arkansas River with a lovely riverwalk--NICE:-)
John and Sheila will be providing Free bus service in Kansas City, then to Wichita, then to events in Wichita.  It is very strongly urged that If you fly IN to Kansas City, that you Leave out of Wichita.  So far, everybody I know is leaving out of Wichita.  Wichita is the largest city in Kansas:-) Much easier for you:-)
Please get your hotel rooms booked, a good many already have.  These are very popular hotels in great locations and WILL book up!!  And please make airline reservations soon too.  We have just certain dates that work for events and the airports in these two cities are not Hubs and have fewer flights than larger cities.  It also isn't shown on all travel sites online all of the airlines that are used in our cities.   It depends on who is paying those agencies:-)  For instance, Sue and Tricia ended up on an airline that isn't listed as one going from Houston to Kansas City, MO!!  I believe it was a United Express.  We do have some regional airlines.  American Express Travel is the best, but I am wondering if one has to have an American Express card to access it or a higher level of card?  I do not know this.  But if you need a better listing of airlines for these cities, I will have John list those for me to share with you.??? Good luck. Please do not wait long on your bookings:-)  And I am hoping most of you can come to KC first.  A few newbies in the group (on FB Hippolotofus) can only go to Wichita for the time they can get off work.

Agenda & Events


Here is a PDF from Patti with everything you need to know. This info supercedes everything below.

Agenda PDF

Sheila has done all the legwork, asked all the questions and given us all the info we could possibly need. Kudos and thanks to her. 



Last Minute Updates from Sheila...

Hippo Reunion. Please make sure you read All the reunion info at the links we have posted to you repeatedly:-) I am running out of time and have been a bit sick, so I will most likely print out my own itinerary that is on the reunion website and just mark through any changes and use that as my final itinerary that I hand out to you all:-) Or print it out yourselves is a good idea too:-):-) There are few updates or changes.

Be Sure if you are driving to Wichita that before you enter the parking garage, you check in first----I wanted to make sure you had read this in the reunion link. Also, if you are needing a shuttle pick-up at the airport in Wichita, (free shuttle from hotel there, but Not in KC), call them for pick-up as soon as you land, and once you check in to hotel tell them Right then of your plans to leave Sunday (or whenever it is you leave) and that you need to reserve that shuttle to take you back to the airport and when you need to be at the airport. Don't forget this!!! Please all be very careful to board the bus in each city when the reunion link states you need to board---in each situation as our time is very tight this year. Some people have almost missed a bus before in other reunions. You are responsible for yourself, ok?:-) When you are to board, don't wait to leave your hotel room right at that time--always best to just get up early and get down to that bus a few minutes earlier to find a seat. I'm having to be Mom Sheila about this now:-) I won't be on the bus in KC or at the hotel to help you!:-):-)

Another important reminder as some people either forgot or didn't pay attention last year about this. When our large group goes out to eat at the restaurant Sat. (5:30 pm) in Wichita, they will have one bill for each table and one person is to pay it for that table with a credit card, etc. So everybody needs to take CASH! Do Not forget this time:-) No excuses as the restaurant entrance is in the hotel and there is most likely an ATM nearby:-):-)

The reunion link shows the special VIP wristband price as $10, but it is now $15 and is also called the Value Pass. This is what you will pay at the Tanganyika Wildlife Park IF you want to feed some of the animals, including a pygmy hippo, lemurs, or a rhino. With the increased amount, we now get 2 Lemur feedings--cool, and a free photo. This does not include the zoo admission. Two separate charges. But you can also pay from $1.00 to $5.00 to feed certain animals---just not the special premium feedings of the hippo and rhino and lemurs. Those are tokens for a few other animals. Also included in the VIP wristband/Value Pass, we can feed the giraffes (twice now I think with the higher fee), 2 Lorikeet feedings, a camel ride, and kids zoo feedings/petting of bunnies, tortoise and guinea pigs. If the weather is too cool, they will our group (a few at a time) in to the little hippo house, and IF they have to do this, they will take away the kids zoo portion of this fee. If you drive to the small zoo and not take the bus, wait for everybody to arrive . They are allowing our group to enter before they normally open . We will get there before 10 am so that we can get there early and take our usual group photos if all pans out.

We all need to pay admission, buy our wristbands if you didn't take advantage of the discount I posted several times already:-) So be sure to print out those tickets if you purchased them or the value pass/wristband online with the discount. You must print them out!! I printed mine out, plus got a text of all of it too. If you are 60 or older, you can get a Senior discount--even online doing the discount. The pygmy feeding is ONLY going to be at 10:30am. You must be with us/all together to do this at that time. There is a rhino feeding at 11:30--nor far from the hippos. We have to hurry to do things there, even though it is a small, but COOL zoo---as we must leave at 12:40 to board the bus, or drive to the big zoo next. Sedgwick County Zoo. We have plans there too---must go through admission there and pay. Then meet a keeper at the entrance at 1:45 pm and they will take us to the hippo area. It is close to the entrance of the zoo. Both zoo's are Not hilly--yay! There is also a tram that goes around each 30 mins. and it also has a stop right near the hippos at the big zoo. Then we Must board the bus again at 4:30 and head back to the hotel---dinner reservations there--5:30 pm.

I wanted to make sure you read all this in case you are not keeping up or reading the reunion link:-) Thanks, it will be here before we know it!!

Here is the latest info on our Agenda, from Sheila:

Sept. 29th, Thursday, Kansas City, Missouri
Bus to pick you up at 10 AM
in front of the Holiday Inn hotel and bring you to my house to view the hippo house and Hippo Art Car (her name is Sunshine) (Arrowhead Stage Lines) And for people driving, my address is:
12309 Granada
Leawood, Kansas 66209

Berkshires Subdivision--just one block East off 124th and Roe --on a cul-de-sac, we are on your right at the bottom of the cul-de-sac, not many good places to park close. Our driveway is steepish too:-) Our neighbor's flat driveway butts up against our side yard and that side yard goes directly in to our hippo rooms downstairs in case you have trouble walking up this driveway:-)
This is about 20-25 minutes from your hotel

Back on the bus at noon and head to Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue at 9520 Metcalf Ave, Overland Park, Kansas 66212

Back on the bus after eating and back to your hotel. You are then on your own until time for...

The Liverpool Band Concert in the ballroom, main level-- 8pm, and that is when the band begins, so Please be there earlier to get snacks, beverages and find your seat:-) (there will also be tables set up:-) Please do not enter the room before 7pm. John and I have hired this Beatles Tribute Band, rented the ballroom at your hotel and we will have some snacks and beverages. There will not be a cash bar or liquor, but there is a restaurant and bar near the ballroom . (I did a bit of a survey on FB with some in our group and asked about this before deciding on just sodas and bottles of water:-) They will play approximately 1 1/2 hours. There will be a small dance floor.

After the band finishes, we will begin play Human Hungry Hungry Hippos:-) For those who can and want to:-) John and I have all the necessary equipment to play this. The fellow in the band who plays Paul McCartney wants to play with us.:-) You will laugh your tails off watching this and it is advised to wear Depends even:-):-) We have the ballroom until midnight.

As Always, we are Not allowed to bring in Any food or drink in to the ballroom---it is in my contract, so thank you!! The band will be in this room for a few hours, setting up then testing everything and NO one is allowed inside, so thanks for not going in the ballroom until 7pm or later:-) The band appreciates it:-)

We will be providing cookies, chocolate chip, peanut butter and oatmeal raisin, fudge brownies with nuts and I've asked if they can do one doz without nuts, so I'll find that out later. Also a couple of cheese and cracker trays and some fruit. Several types of sodas, including diet, and bottled waters. The beverages will be in a refrigerator I'm told!! Plus I had some custom paper plates and napkins made and they will provide glasses and ice.

A few people outside our group have been invited to simply help fill the seats so the band isn't playing to such a small group:-) Each of them knows all about our group:-)

Friday morning---10 AM, the Big bus in front of the hotel will again pick you up at 10 AM and drive to Wichita, KS for the main events of this reunion:-) Please be On time!!! It is approximately a 3-hour FUN drive with your hippo lover friends. I have asked that the bus make one stop at a particular TA Truck stop I know about. Very clean, good restrooms, a restaurant and I think it also has a Wendy's. It is a large bus, comfy and has a restroom and it seats 56 people, so plenty of room for moving about or changing seats:-) And lots of space then for your luggage as well.

Arrive at the Drury Plaza Hotel Broadview with all that information shown previously. Be sure to check in before heading to the parking garage if you are driving!! And if flying out of Wichita ( (hopefully), be sure when you check in to let the front desk know if you want to take the free, 24 hr. shuttle to the airport and what time you need to Leave the hotel. Or do this right after checking in, but get on that list asap!!!!!:-)

Free Time until...
FREE 5:30pm Kickback light meal on the Mezzanine overlooking the lobby
I am sure some or all of us might want to take advantage of this. I've read lots of reviews of this to know plenty of people make it their dinner! Or, please eat anywhere else before going in to the meeting room/ballroom. This free meal also includes beverages And 3 free liquor drinks---wine, beer and hard liquor. They have this every single evening!!

Our Meet & Greet in the ballroom there will begin around 6:30-ish.  We have the ballroom starting at 6:00pm, so you can get there that early if you want. But please be there no later than 6:30 (ish). We all will chip in on the Meeting room, service fees, taxes and beverages. The cost Per person (any age) is $29.00. $1.00 was added to this amount to chip in on the Nile hippos zoo chat at the big zoo. Stuart will be taking these payments for me as usual. He will give you his PO Box number to send a check or use paypal. This payment will be due no later than August 12th, Friday as I have to pay for this one month in advance this year. And have to allow time for receiving the payments in the mail from Stuart and making a deposit:-)  Once in the ballroom, we will play the 2 super fun games that David Soto has all the usual details to. Please read all of his GAME details. You can play and take hippo gifts, or not:-) After the games, some of us are interested in Karaoke in the ballroom:-)

By the way, as usual Jen will have a table set up to sell her fantastic ceramic hippos. They sell super fast and you Must have Cash to buy one. She can only take a certain amount/weight as they are flying International from France!! She will sell these before the games begin. Be aware then of packing it to take home:-)

There will be only beverages in the ballroom. As usual, we all need to chip in on the cost of the room, service fees, taxes and beverages. Sodas and waters. Again, we cannot take Any food or drink In to the ballroom. Thank you:-)

There are sleeping rooms above our ballroom and they sort of begin quiet time at 10pm. They will try to book people in our group in to those sleeping rooms:-)

Saturday morning 9AM. MUST be ON time!!! This schedule is more complicated and almost to the minute to coordinate since we are going to 2 different zoos. We will leave ON the bus out front of the hotel AT 9AM and head to Tanganyika Wildlife Park in Goddard, KS, about 20 mins from our hotel. 1000 South Hawkins Lane. (some are also driving) This is on Oct. 1st. The zoo does not open this day until 10:30 am, but they are allowing our group in at 10am. We won't have a lot of time to do just everything, but it is a small and flat zoo with very easy parking too. We all must pay for our admission as we enter. They are a small, family owned zoo that does not get any other money from government, etc. They are not all that cheap, and are at least giving us $1.00 off each ticket. Also they have lower senior fees. This is a bit complicated for the feeding of different animals. Since a lot of people feed them, they of course cannot give you too much to feed them all. One has to pay to feed any of the animals. Although some can be petted for free:-) You can pay anywhere from $1.00 to $5.00 to feed certain animals and a certain amount of food and time. But what WE will need to do IF you want to feed the pygmy hippo is pay for a $10 VIP wristband. For this you get 2 Premium feedings, which can be the pygmy hippo, a rhino or Lemurs. But the Hippo feeding for us will be AT 10:30 am and IF it is warm enough that early in the morning to have the hippo outside it's barn, we will feed it that way, but IF it is too cold, we will take turns going in it's barn to feed it. But only around 6 people at a time. So there may be some who do not care anything about feeding the pygmy hippo:-) Otherwise, the hippo feeding is at 1pm, and we will Not be there then, so this is our Only time and chance to feed it. 10:30 am!!! The rhino feeding is Only at 11:30 am. Those are the only 2 designated feedings. If we have to feed the hippo in the barn privately, and use one of our premium feedings, they will need to take away one thing from the rest of the list of feedings/animals. Which is the childrens petting zoo area, which included feeding bunnies, guinea pigs, tortoises. If you do not feed the pygmy or go in it's barn, you still can do the kids zoo, Plus you would still have 2 Premium feedings which then can be the Lemurs (I love lemurs) and rhino, or maybe twice with the Lemurs?:-) Then also a camel ride, 2 feedings of giraffes, 2 of the Lorikeets, 4 feedings at the kids zoo. So please think about this and know what you want to do when you arrive and have money ready:-):-)

Then board the bus again (please be on time) at 12:40 pm. Heading to the big zoo, Sedgwick County Zoo, 5555 West Zoo Blvd, Wichita, KS. Everybody needs to pay for their admission here too--no discount, except for Seniors and young ones:-) A zoo employee will meet us at the entrance at 1:45 pm and take us to the Nile Hippo area. Also a flat zoo-- Not a bad walk they said.:-)  We will have a private hippo chat Inside their building, then they will be let outside.

We must be back on the bus AT 4:30 pm as we have a group restaurant reservation at 5:30. You may keep your hippo t-shirts on or quickly change clothing:-) It is a nice restaurant called AVI Seabar & Chophouse with the entrance being in our hotel, so we don't have to leave the hotel even!! They can take a group our size and we can order from the entire menu. So a good variety of food and different prices for all. But, Please take CASH and pay PER table. Pay one person at your table for your meal, drinks, and chipping in on tip and that one person can pay for all and use credit card, or other. Do not forget to take CASH. This happened last year and some did not take cash!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is likely an ATM in the hotel, so No excuses this year:-) LOL It is sure not required to go to the restaurant at 5:30 pm with the group!!! I think the zoo will close at 5pm if you drove and wanted to stay longer and not go to the restaurant or use the bus.:-)

That is all that is planned. On your own otherwise, Most everybody is leaving Sunday, Oct 2nd and again, it is best to head for home from Wichita!!

I hope to see many of you in Kansas City first. Wonder if the Liverpool band/Beatles will sing Kansas City? Kansas City Here I come:-)

Please print this out as an itinerary to go by. I will have some printed out once I see you:-) I will also hand out cell phone lists as usual to, but not online. If you want the list early, email me and ask:-) Sheila1951@kc.rr.com

Stuart will post the info on the Official reunion t-shirts when that is up and running. He will take those orders as usual and there will be a deadline to pay for your tees. Many will be handed out in KC or Wichita so if you are attending the reunion, do Not pay for shipping!!!-- and for those not attending the reunion and that Patti has to ship be sure you ADD for shipping to the cost of the tee.

Thanks all!


Hello fellow reunion attendees!

We will be having two games this year.

If you want to participate in the first game - you will need 1 hippo gift. It needs to and must be valued at $25 or more. The prize you choose will be yours to keep. No stealing. Prizes remain wrapped until the very end.

If you want to play the second game - you must provide 1 hippo gift valued at $35 or more. It is the traditional game we have played many times, where you may steal an others prize by trading yours for theirs. The final name drawn will get the pick of any hippo they want from those participating. NOTE: Nobody will take home the gift they brought - I have fixed that error in the rules.

Things to remember:

People traveling often have packing restrictions. Please be mindful of the dimensions of your prize.

All Hippo-theme Gifts should be new - no white rhino rejects or plush's allowed. Exceptions would include antiques or pottery that is collectible, duplicates you own that others would appreciate like hippo jewelry, small hippo statues or handmade hippo items.

Please try to find one gift that is at least the minimum instead of say 2 or 3 $10 items bundled together. However if at least one hippo is worth the minimum, feel free to add as many smaller or equally nice hippos in the prize. Many people will spend over the minimum so if you can afford it, feel free to spend extra. Any questions - E-mail me B/C.

Gifts need to be wrapped. Gift bags and tissue are easy. If you want to be economical you can use the newspaper, lunch bags or toilet tissue from the hotel. We just need the hippos covered to add mystery and intrigue. Hippo gift wrap, hippo gift bags or hippo appliques encouraged.

EVERYONE will include their name with the gifts. We will say who each item is from so make sure we can easily find it. Your name in a business envelope works well. Everyone likes to know who brought what Hippo.

Everyone is invited to play - no exclusions. We are one big Hippo family. If you've got the required hippo gifts of the appropriate value then you may play any or all the games. You do not have to play at all if you do not wish.

Remember, any questions - E-mail me Back Channel (B/C).

Let the Hippo games gift buying begin!